Cape Town is home to a huge and growing population of creatives specializing in food, wine, fashion, wellbeing, architecture, interiors, art and beyond. In 2014, Cape Town was recognized as World Design Capital of the World, and in 2017 the Zeitz MOCAA opened it’s doors - housing the largest curated collection of African Art in the world inside a magnificent old silo - Cape Town is firmly on the map of innovative cities to visit.


More tourists are landing at Cape Town each year than ever before. Some of these are first time visitors and others are return visitors who cannot resist the pull of the Fairest Cape. Most of these tourists are in need of a little guidance to ensure that they have an unforgettable journe­y in and around our beautiful city.


We noticed that a curated, quality, elegant map and guide was not available for such visitors and we planned to change that.

Our mission is to provide visitors and travellers an infallible guide that allows them to experience the very best shopping, dining and wellbeing destinations of each region so they can have the richest experience possible.


An Eye On Brochure & Map captures the essence of what is happening in the design capital. Our participating businesses are hand-picked for their unique and extraordinary qualities with the emphasis firmly on being proudly South African brands or collaborations and for offering a world-class service or product.